Webinar: IT in the New Normal – 21st July

Top tips to optimise application performance and maintain business agility while controlling costs

11.30am, 21st July 2020

As we ease out of lockdown and organisations work hard to regain revenue lost, it is clear that technology and applications will continue to play an important role in enabling organisations to adapt and thrive in the ‘new normal’.

From how you engage with customers to how you enable employees to continue working in adherence with social distancing guidelines, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected how every organisation operates. Whether it’s moving online, launching new applications or enhancing existing ones, technology has been key to many organisations in helping them to survive the COVID-19 lockdown – and this need for innovation and agility will continue as we all navigate the new post-pandemic world.

But is your organisations getting the best out of your applications? Are you delighting customers, optimising conversions and maximising employee productivity?

Slow running applications and long development and deployment cycles slow down your operations costing your business valuable time and money and losing you all-important revenue from customers, who may be getting a better digital experience elsewhere.

Join Synetec and Six Degrees on 21 July to get top tips from our application performance and cloud platform experts on:

  • Common causes of poor application performance
  • Why efficient deployment of applications is key to helping your organisation adapt and thrive in the new normal
  • Cost effective development and deployment of applications

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