We take on the challenge and find the right solution

At Synetec we understand that the health of your core business applications is critical to the success of your business. Poor application performance can often result in disrupted user experience, inefficient operations and lost revenue.

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

  • Performance isn’t scaling as quickly as your demands
  • High cost to make any changes
  • New features are too slow to implement or deliver
  • Existing supplier (or internal team) isn’t able to cope and meet your organisational needs
  • Unreliable system and too much downtime

We developed a process and range of services to fix and modernise your business applications, enabling you to maximise your growth.


Why choose Synetec?

At Synetec, our core values are summed up in the word ‘PACE’. PACE represents who we are, what we do and why we do it:

  • P – Pulling together as a team
  • A – Accountable for our actions
  • C – Challenge the norm
  • E – Exceed expectations

Pulling together as a teamwe achieve with a positive mindset

  • We work collaboratively with our customers; your success is our success.

Accountable for our actionswe do what we say

  • We are trusted by our customers to deliver on time, every time; they value our honesty and integrity.

Challenge the normwe strive for world-class

  • We are constantly evolving and striving to be world class; our customers trust that we will never stop pursuing that goal.

Exceed Expectationswe find the right solution

  • We are relentless in our pursuit to find solutions for our customers.

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Is your software holding you back?

With technology changing constantly, there are many reasons why your software may no longer be fit for purpose. Older technology stacks become difficult to maintain, and getting the right support for fixes can be hard to find and very costly. At Synetec, we understand these challenges and take responsibility for finding and delivering the right solution. At every stage of our projects, we keep focused on the end result; maximising the efficiency of your software so you can hit your business goals.


At the start of each project, we work with you to fully understand your requirements and commit to our next steps through action planning. Whether you need support with existing software or you want to modernise your way of working, we’ll use our consult stage to get to the heart of the challenge.


When it comes to software development, we can fix your existing legacy code or develop brand new software applications that work in the way you need them to. With our highly experienced and knowledgeable team, you can be assured that we find the right solution to maximise your business efficiency.


We provide a range of services to support, maintain and enhance your applications. With services including managed service desks, application monitoring, innovative development on-demand SDaaS, data science and cloud migration, you can be confident that we’ll be a trusted partner for the long-term.

Bespoke Software Development Company May 8, 2017