What we do

Synetec have a team of software developers and business analysts working with a number of the UK’s most respected financial institutions as well as high growth businesses, and the VCs that fund them, to confront the unknown, move forward and disrupt markets. Synetec’s clients know that to disrupt markets and grow faster than the competition, the design and delivery of ‘made to measure’ operational software is key. Synetec designs software around organisations’ unique processes and creates the point of difference that customers and investors crave. Founders, leaders and investors work with Synetec to create the bespoke operational software that will underpin continued growth and innovation.

The Synetec Growth Accelerator Program (GAP) is designed to build a deep understanding of the operational software that high growth companies need to deliver short, medium and long term business and technology goals.

The GAP provides the intelligence needed to plan and build bespoke operational systems that will support growth and enhance innovation. Synetec alleviate operational constraints on CTOs and their talented teams allowing them to focus on front-end product development and getting new and innovative products to market quickly.

Over the past two decades we have grown through referrals and word-of- mouth, with our proven track-record in delivering and exemplary customer service attracting new clients.

“I felt Synetec worked with myself and business users in a very professional manner, and provided us with the required degree of flexibility.
– Client since 2013


Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke system design and development

System Migration

Migrating your existing systems to new platforms and/or technologies

System Enhancements

Enhancing and/or re-engineering your existing systems

System Integration

Analysis of old and new systems and data integration between the various platforms

Software Architecture

Technology and system architecture consulting


You might not require a complete new system, but rather enhancements to your existing.

Data Management

Practices and procedures in order to manage your information lifecycle.

Reporting Solutions

Reporting software is used to generate effective and readable reports from various data sources.

Specific technologies that we have used to deliver

Our technology stack reaches beyond the Microsoft and Amazon Web Services frameworks, below is a list of technologies and systems we have used to enhance, innovate and integrate solutions.
  • FIX
  • Various Data Feeds (e.g. Bloomberg, Reuters, Netdania)
  • OAK recordX
  • Microsoft Office

We help businesses accelerate the delivery of solutions

We help businesses increase their profitability and value to potential investors. Our customers typically hire us to encapsulate their business processes into unique systems or to reduce their running costs through migration and enhancement of existing systems.