Don’t sit still, look to the future and change

In my last blog I focussed on sharing content that had made me think differently about things as a result of the lockdown. For this blog I thought I’d share some more articles that I’ve enjoyed over the past month. This time most focus on the business impact of COVID-19 and what’s next.

Adopting DevOps.

With home working continuing in large to be the norm (even as the shops are re-opening) we are seeing more and more organisations look to adopt DevOps approaches and tooling to help them continue to develop and deploy their software applications. As such, I took a look back at some of the previous blog posts from our intrepid CTO, Greg Scotchburn-Snell, to give some food for thought on what you need to consider when adopting a DevOps approach. Read more

Digital transformation: What CIOs are accelerating during the pandemic.

This article examines why, whilst many aspects of life remain on hold, many businesses are charging full steam ahead on digital transformation efforts; even doubling down on some areas. To me, this is very promising and highlights some forward thinking CIO’s. My one note of caution is be careful with whatever you do to ensure you have a robust and easy to implement change strategy baked in. We don’t yet know what the full impact will be, and whilst this doesn’t mean we should wait, it does mean that you might need to be prepared to adapt and change. Read more

COVID-19, The market disruptor we didn’t see coming.

A nice piece from my good friend Paul Buckle at Morning Data on how COVID-19 is impact the Lloyd’s of London insurance market and what people need to think about going forward. Read more

Microsoft Ships 5th Previews of .NET 5, Entity Framework Core 5.

As a .Net development house it’s always interesting to hear about the latest releases of the framework and the benefits these will bring. This articles details those, including of the fifth preview prior to a November launch. Read more

Using Data Science to help you grow your revenue.

Next week (Tuesday 23rd @ 10am) we will be hosting our rescheduled Webinar where we will discuss how we can help you to use Data Science to quantifiably grow your revenue. With our Actionable Insights and Audience Definition service, utilising our serverless cloud based technology; we can help you take advantage of data science and machine learning algorithms, developed by the finest brains in the country, without the heavy costs and lengthy time periods typically associated with data science projects.

And finally, it’s not all work…

For those who prefer things a little bit off the beaten track, at least for those in the UK, then check out the podcasts from MMQB where I go for my American Football fix. Read more

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