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The Ultimate IFPR Guide

The Ultimate IFPR Guide

New Prudential Regime for Investment Firms

Our Ultimate IFPR Guide gives you the advice on how to prepare for IFPR, or Investment Firms Prudential Regime.

IFPR Advice

The leading industry advice from legal and financial experts has been compiled into a handy reference guide for your convenience.

Investment Firms Prudential Regime Guide

The guide gives you everything you need to know to get ready for IFPR. Hold on to the guide while you follow the steps to prepare your organisation.

Complimentary FCA IFPR Consultation

Synetec have worked with Argentex, Genesis and Exotix to resolve reporting issues by building out a bespoke tool that enables them to efficiently pull reports and ensure compliance.

Feel free to get in contact today for a complimentary FCA IFPR consultation to understand how Synetec can assist member firms in the transition to the new regime.

Download the IFPR guide now so you can ensure compliance.

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