What’s life like at Synetec?

A large part of your happiness with any company is determined by how much you align and resonate with the values and culture of the business.

In this guide, we’ll share an honest overview of life at Synetec. We want people to work with us who fully believe in our culture and see themselves as someone who can thrive in that environment.

At Synetec, our core values are summed up in the word ‘PACE’. PACE represents who we are, what we do and why we do it:

P – Pulling together as a team
A – Accountable for our actions
C – Challenge the norm
E – Exceed expectations

So, what drives these core values?

Pulling together as a team – we achieve with a positive mindset

  • We work collaboratively and in partnership with our customers; their success is our success.
  • We take responsibility, keep a positive mindset and are people who can always be relied on.
  • We inspire our colleagues by sharing knowledge, experience and a dedication to achieving shared goals.


What does this mean in practice?

At Synetec, our team always brings a positive attitude, intensity and self-discipline to work. We expect a lot from each other, but we also give a lot back. We know that to deliver our best work, we need to work collaboratively and in partnership; with our customers and each other.

We are always transparent in our communication, so let’s be honest; working here can be challenging at times. If we’re on a time critical project, we always pull together to get the job done. This could involve working the occasional late night or weekend and keeping up to date with emails during off-hours. Our business is intertwined with our customers, so while we can take holidays as individuals, the Synetec team as a whole is always available. But, in return for your hard work, we like to give back. Our team really value our approach to flexible working. You know best what is needed and when, to get the job done. So, in return for your commitment to work and your teammates, you’ll be able to schedule your work time to drop the kids off at nursery or get home for dinner with family or friends.

To be successful at Synetec, you need to be exceptionally motivated and driven. You’ll never again have to worry about sitting beside a slacker. But you could be sat beside a dog… We are a dog friendly business, so your furry friends are welcome to come into the office with you.

We are a company of really good people who treat our colleagues exceptionally well. No matter how talented they may be, we’ll never hire people who we don’t think align to our culture. We always take responsibility for our actions, we are positive in our approach and as colleagues, we know we can always rely on each other. Every day, we inspire each other with our dedication to achieving shared goals. We are motivated by pulling together, sharing knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible outcome for our customers.

Accountable for our actions – we do what we say

  • We are trusted by our customers to deliver on time, every time; they value our honesty and integrity.
  • We take accountability and give a personal commitment, always going the extra mile to achieve our promises.
  • We hold each other to the highest standards, working collaboratively and with dedication in all our actions.
What does this mean in practice?

Our customers trust us with their systems, their challenges, and their data. We don’t take that trust lightly. Many businesses rely on the software we build and support (from start-ups to large enterprises) and they can only operate if we do our job. If we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down, it matters. Synetec is filled with people with integrity who feel that meeting their commitments is a defining characteristic. Our customers know we are honest, straightforward and will deliver on time, every time.

At Synetec, we do what we say we will, when we say we will do it. Fed up of flaky colleagues who never take accountability? Good news; you won’t find them here! For us, it’s not just about agreeing a deadline, it’s about giving a personal commitment and meaning it. We don’t just tell our customers what they want to hear; we have honest conversations with them about the options for solutions and then keep fully focused on achieving the right results.

Our professional reputation means everything to us. As a team, we are completely united in meeting our commitments and we hold ourselves and each other to the very highest standards. We are transparent in our actions with a collaborative approach to problem solving. And if something does go wrong? We don’t finger point and play the blame game. That’s just not who we are. We take accountability for our part in the situation, then work together to go the extra mile in finding a solution and delivering what we promised.

Challenge the norm – we strive for world-class

  • We are constantly evolving and striving to be world class; our customers trust that we will never stop pursuing that goal.
  • We are always learning, improving and questioning how we do things in a culture of continuous improvement.
  • We challenge each other respectfully through honest conversations, working as a team to identify new solutions.
What does this mean in practice?

Being the ambitious bunch we are, we are always striving to be world class in everything we do. It’s a constant journey to be better; our customers know we will never stop pursuing that goal. To be the best at what we do, we are always changing, always evolving into something better; both as a team and as individuals.

At Synetec we give our best at every opportunity and are always looking for ways to improve. We don’t accept that things should be the way they are because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’. We are dynamic and innovative, because our customers need us to help them overcome their challenges. We are a high growth business and the challenges shift every day, so we love to surround ourselves with people who thrive in a more dynamic environment. We pride ourselves in doing our everyday job, in an exceptional way or doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. Will you still have to log all your time and complete necessary documentation? Yes. Even we haven’t managed to find an alternative solution for those tasks….yet.

World-class businesses don’t accept mediocracy, so we aren’t afraid to respectfully challenge each other; in fact, we thrive on it. We know that our colleagues all work as hard as each other to produce the best work we can, whatever the challenges. If we have to question the way things are done, then we do it, always offering alternative solutions in the process, but always being respectful of each other. At the heart of everything, we are a team. No matter what lively discussions we have, it’s really important for us to also enjoy downtime together socially, so we like to organise regular team events to unwind and celebrate our successes.

Exceed Expectations – we find the right solution

  • We are relentless in our pursuit to find solutions for our customers; our problem-solving ability and commitment to overcome challenges is unrivalled.
  • We don’t accept second best; we see challenges as a chance to improve our skills and we embrace that opportunity.
  • We see every challenge as an opportunity to be part of the solution, working collaboratively to achieve the best outcome.
What does this mean in practice?

As a solution focused business, we get a thrill out of solving problems for our customers. We firmly believe that with our relentless approach and ability to overcome challenges, our customers can trust in our commitment to find the right solution every time.

If ‘that’ll do’ isn’t in your vocabulary, then you’ll fit in well at Synetec! Every day we face new challenges, but as a company filled with problem-solvers, we see them as opportunities to improve our skills and experience. We have a belief that you ‘don’t say no, it can’t be done’, or ‘that’s impossible’, instead you think ‘how?’ or ‘that’s great, but we do it even better by….’. We aren’t ones for wasting valuable time complaining that we don’t want to do things in a certain way. Instead, we collaborate with our colleagues and focus on how we can overcome the obstacle to achieve the best outcome.

As a business, we develop faster because of the challenges we deal with every day. We confront them head on and if we can’t fix something alone, we aren’t afraid to ask our team for help. We are always open to collaboration and if there is a way, we will find it together.

The Synetec team

We’re a team who inspires each other every day. We share our knowledge, celebrate our successes and take responsibility to overcome challenges. We know 100% that we can rely on each other to deliver. We don’t work in a siloed way, out for individual success. We pull together, we deliver together, we win together.

Will you be challenged by working with us? Yes.
Will you be nudged out of your comfort zone? Yes.
Will you keep learning, keep getting better and keep solving bigger challenges? Absolutely.

So, are you the person who has read this guide feeling like we’ve been describing you? If so, come and join us, have a blast and work on some really cool projects.