Web Apps Are the No. 1 Source of Breach

Software is key to your organisation’s digital transformation strategy. Attackers know this and target web applications as a fast track to sensitive data. How do you monitor and manage application security?

Protecting your web applications in high-speed QA and production cycles is paramount. The problem is that developers can’t realistically manage multiple on-premises scanning tools or interpret complex reports at speed, while their main focus is elsewhere.

Teams need a way to automatically and consistently scan web applications at scale and quickly tap into deep analytics to understand the entire web attack surface.

Synetec ASaaS does exactly this and helps you focus on managing risk, not scans.

Reduce Risk Across Your Web Application Landscape

Synetec scans your web applications, finds exploitable vulnerabilities, and helps you address issues immediately. The ability to test multiple applications simultaneously, together with highly accurate results and comprehensive remediation guidance, minimises your risk of breach.

Our approach to AppSec and DevSecOps is a proactive one. We prevent security vulnerabilities from happening in the first place by putting tools in the hands of the developers. We check new code being developed to make sure new vulnerabilities haven’t introduced by the internal teams or open source or third party software.

We monitor the application in a production environment to detect vulnerabilities, detect attacks, detect unnatural behaviour and watch for any compromised users.

Protect your business against cyber attacks. Take the first step to robust application security by contacting us.

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Holistic Approach to Security

The holistic way of managing application security is broken up into three stages:

  1. Prevent
  2. Detect
  3. Protect

These approach ensures that you’re not going through the old-fashioned break-fix cycle. Instead, you’re making sure security breaches don’t even get a chance to take place.

Some of the features of our Synetec ASaaS are:

  • Static Application Security Test 
  • CI/CD Integration 
  • IDE Integration 
  • Ticketing System Integration 
  • Secrets Detection 
  • Dependency Scanning 
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing 
  • Pen Tests 
  • Runtime Application Protection, in real time 
  • Data Breach Protection, monitoring live data flows 
  • Compromised credentials check
  • Guidance on how to remediate problems 
Application Security as a Service February 12, 2021