How to Perform a Project Rescue Operation

Software Development Consultancy

By Lisa Venter, Head of Delivery Our largest project, looks like it is failing, what do we do? There are many reasons major projects may need to be rescued, ranging from non-delivery of features, features not meeting the expected functional delivery, delays, increased costs, and stakeholder disengagement, to name a few.  Whatever the reason may be it is important to

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Access to developers is now a larger constraint to growth than access to capital

The World Economic Forum estimates $100 trillion of economic value is ready to be unlocked over the next decade, but legacy systems and outdated development processes are holding you back, according to research by MongoDB. That’s right, trillions of pounds are trapped, not realising their potential. So what can you do about it? According to a survey by Stripe and

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The difference between SDaaS and outsourcing IT

As technology improves, and the need for reliable and bespoke software increases, Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) will continue to deliver benefits that are more appealing than simply outsourcing IT. For some businesses, having an in-house IT team can ensure their operationally-critical software is continually maintained and enhanced to a high standard, but for others, this isn’t a reality

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