Government to Boost Public Sector Uptake of Cloud

G-Cloud 12, a government framework for the purpose of sourcing cloud IT solutions, is now live. The framework is designed to enable the adoption of cloud technologies by public sector organisations. The programme features a pre-approved group of vendors, such as Synetec, considered suitable for public sector projects. All service providers on the framework have been vetted for an ethical

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How to Perform a Project Rescue Operation

Software Development Consultancy

By Lisa Venter, Head of Delivery Our largest project, looks like it is failing, what do we do? There are many reasons major projects may need to be rescued, ranging from non-delivery of features, features not meeting the expected functional delivery, delays, increased costs, and stakeholder disengagement, to name a few.  Whatever the reason may be it is important to

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Futureproof your App Design with DevOps on Microsoft Azure

Discover a more agile approach to meeting the ever-evolving demands of customers and end users. 08:30 – 10:30, 27th February, the Gherkin, London Modern businesses need applications which delight customers with ease of access and performance, to quickly achieve their desired goal whether that’s making a purchase, registration or enquiry. This requires frequent innovation to retain competitive edge. Traditional applications

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