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Synetec on Ice

December saw us get together to celebrate the wins of the last quarter, and have a bit of fun at Somerset House ice rink in London. 

Our workforce now consists of 11 nationalities, mostly from countries that aren’t used to winter sports. Many of us gave skating a good go, though. Our very own in-house Canadian was also keen to teach those of us who don’t have this ice hockey skills.  

We’ve welcomed 6 new colleagues in the last quarter. Overall we’ve grown by 14 just this year, despite our selection process being very thorough. Our HR department have done a great job keeping the standards high while feeding the growth of the team. 

Our biggest win is keeping customer satisfaction sky-high. Just this on its own is worth celebrating. It’s genuinely a team effort to keep customers happy, from Developers working as a tightly knit team to produce stellar code, to Product Owners truly caring beyond their own project, to our COO making sure the customer’s business goals are met by the software we produce for them. 

Our skating night also saw us celebrate our PACE awards. PACE is the company DNA we instill in every team member. Every quarter, we vote for colleagues who’ve demonstrated this DNA the most. 

This time the winners of the vote were James, Kurtis, Joe and José. Congratulations to all! 

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