If like me you have little spare time, but spend a fair bit of it commuting or driving and you can absorb information quite easily from audio, then this list of podcasts could quite literally change your year. Subscribing to the right podcasts allow you to easily stay abreast of what’s going on with your areas of interest while you are on the move. So without further delay these are my personal tech podcasts that I subscribe to, hope you enjoy some of them.

· Agile for Humans

· Western Devs

· The Vergecast

· Harvard Business Review (not specifically tech, but features it quite often)

There are some others that I listen to which are more general business interest, but a tip of advice is to not subscribe to 50 podcasts and then never listen to any of them. Which is what I sometimes do.

George Toursoulopoulos is a technology specialist and CEO of Synetec, one
of the UK’s leading providers of bespoke software solutions.

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