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Sponsoring a New Life for Disabled Dog

Street dog Moss

As we’re coming out of the pandemic, let’s not forget those whose life it has impacted. Not just us humans, but also animals have found unexpected obstacles in their way.  

Living at MoonAcre Sanctuary, disabled dog Moss has been waiting for life-changing surgery, which was put on hold due to a lack of funds resulting from the pandemic. With Synetec sponsorship, Moss is now about to have his surgery. 

Ziggy (back) and Jimmy (front) are members of the wheelchair gang at MoonAcre.

Sanctuary and Rehabilitation for Disabled Animals

MoonAcre Sanctuary in Cyprus specialises in rehabilitating animals with reduced mobility. They started with horses, expanding to other animals. Over the years, many success stories have been dogs with broken backs from being run over by a car. Dozens of dogs have had surgery and physiotherapy and been rehomed. Hundreds of heathy dogs have also gone to new homes via the sanctuary. 

A plethora of other animals stay on the sanctuary, as it has gained a reputation for being the only option in Cyprus for animals who would otherwise be put down. There are cats, pigs, chickens, and even a tortoise. 

Recently, several injured animals have had to remain on the sanctuary because of a lack of funds. This is because very few people wish to adopt an animal with an existing health problem, such as a requirement for surgery. The sanctuary have to tend to these problems before adoption. 

The funds for surgery dried up during the pandemic and the sanctuary is lucky to have been able to keep feeding the animals. They rely heavily on donors and Airbnb as a source of funds. Recently, donors haven’t had as much expendable income as before and there has been no Airbnb activity because of travel restrictions.

Penelope (back) used to be paralysed with a broken back, living on the streets with Jimmy-Three-Legs (centre), who was scavanging for both despite his own injuries. Ichiko (front) was rescued after having been poisoned in his previous home.

Street Dog Moss

Moss used to live on the streets. He was run over and left with one of his legs in pieces. Without medical help, the bones healed in the incorrect position. Moss lived with a twisted leg for a long time, which resulted in joint damage. 

Moss now lives on the sanctuary, a very happy dog, who has already been through one operation to correct the position of the bones. He still has reduced mobility because of the joint problems and needs hip surgery to correct the damage.

Moss is a friendly, loving dog who would make a great family pet. He loves having naps with his best friend Martha who was rescued at the same time. He is available for adoption together with Martha or separately. 

Best friends Moss (left) and Martha (right).

How You Can Help MoonAcre

If you wish to help MoonAcre, you can sponsor them as a private individual or as a company, adopt a cat or a dog, or stay on the sanctuary as an Airbnb guest.  

For anyone looking to adopt, the staff at the sanctuary take care of the travel arrangements and preparation, such as the paperwork. 

Puppy Rinty is learning to use his hind legs but still likes to run over people’s feet in his wheels.
Zacky used to be quadriplegic but regained control of all four legs through physical therapy performed by sanctuary staff.

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