Software Service Desk

Software Service Desk

Your software applications are the heart of your business, they are critical for ensuring all your teams can function as you need them to in order to be a successful business. Our Service Desk is at the heart of your IT, ensuring the availability and functionality of these software applications.

Separate from traditional hardware or infrastructure support, the Synetec Software Service Desk supports the software itself – specifically those issues that occur at the software application level.

If and when things go wrong with software, it’s more than just your IT team who suffer; there could be reputational damage to the company. You therefore need a Software Service Desk you can rely on.

The Synetec Software Service Desk provides application support for business critical software systems. Our team of support engineers are on-call to investigate, diagnose, and resolve issues that arise with your software applications.

Service Overview

The following is a summary of the functions and services that are provided as part of the Synetec Software Service Desk:

  • Ticket logging and management
  • Cause Investigation & Identification of customer-reported issues
  • Resolution of issues that can be solved without changes to code, configuration or pipeline
  • Escalation of development issues to the Development Queue
  • Pre-defined task execution
  • Manual databases data extracts

Additional services are also available to enhance your experience and service from Synetec:

  • Application Monitoring – Ongoing monitoring of your application status and performance
  • Application End-user Support – Supporting your users and assisting them in their use of your applications
  • System Documentation – Producing technical and/or user documentation for your systems

World Class Support from a World Class Team

By choosing Synetec you are working with a trusted partner, a team us who fully believe in The Synetec Way; a culture that focuses on delivering a World Class service for both our customers and each other. The Synetec Way is summed up in the word PACE. PACE represents who we are, what we do and why we do it:

  • P – Pulling together as a team
  • A – Accountable for our actions
  • C – Challenge the norm
  • E – Exceed expectations

If you want to learn about how our World Class team will support your business through your critical software applications, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Software Service Desk April 9, 2020