Software Development Consultancy

The real cost of project failure and late software projects is all the missed opportunities and missed growth goals. With our software development consultancy, your projects get delivered and your business problems get solved in line with your strategy.

Workplace technology failures cost UK companies £35 billion per year in lost productivity and expenses. The longer you spend not solving these problems, the less likelihood there is for you to hit your strategic business goals. 

At Synetec, we have a tailored package of services to help your internal team adopt the best working practices and tools, achieve high performance with project delivery, and guide you in the right direction with improving your legacy software.

How We Maximise the Performance of Your Team

  • Project Rescue Service, to get derailed projects back on track
  • Agile Coaching, to make sure you achieve full productivity
  • DevOps Consulting, to identify the right tools and practices
  • Legacy Software Rescue, for getting your old software to pull its weight again
  • Software Service Desk, for solving daily problems

Identifying the Need for Improved Project Delivery

How to Sniff out Trouble in Your Projects

  • Has the deadline moved at any point? More than once?
  • When you ask, do you get a straight answer as to when delivery will happen?
  • Is there a project status report? If not: How do you know if you’re driving without a map?
  • Is everything green while progress is slow?
  • If everything’s fine, then what’s the holdup according to your team?
  • When there’s a customer involved: How do you make sure that what they need is also what they get?


What’s at stake if you miss that deadline? Learn more about improving delivery and drop us a line today.

Software Development Consultancy February 12, 2021