Legacy System Migration

Software Development as a Service for Critical Systems

When bespoke software powers your business, it must remain stable, secure and constantly fit-for-purpose while the challenges and requirements of your business evolve. This requires ongoing development support, contextual understanding and unquestionable tech expertise across complex and evolving tech stacks – from legacy systems to the latest cloud innovations. SDaaS, or Software Development as a Service, offers you the full benefits of ongoing development, while ensuring that costs remain fully predictable at all times.

With SDaaS, you can utilise our UK-based, on-demand development team as a flexible and scalable resource. This eliminates the risk associated with key-man dependency and supports maximum system availability.

Software Development as a Service allows you to predict ongoing costs, depend on our reliable, collaborative and best practice approach. Trust in our skilled team of bespoke software developers to maximise the operational benefits of your bespoke systems, whilst freeing up internal resources to focus on the next strategic priority.

SDaaS Benefits

  • Maintain and support operationally-critical bespoke software
  • Manage operational risk and resilience for business continuity
  • Reduce IT spend and budget easily with predictable costs
  • Reduce dependency on single resources or suppliers
  • Ensure systems remain constantly fit-for-purpose
  • Deliver challenging enhancements quickly
  • Trust in our best-practice, transparent and fully documented approach
  • Free up capacity for internal resources to focus elsewhere
  • Fill the skills gap without recruitment pain
Bespoke Software Development

Scalable Plans

Now you can change your IT function from being an unpredictable cost centre to an on-demand utility for easier budgeting, cost reduction and risk mitigation with our industry-leading SDaaS plans. Contact us for full plan details, plan comparison and our competitive pricing.

Data Warehouse DevelopmentSD1

Ideal for managing small and important systems when there are no internal software developers available

Bespoke Software Development CompanySD2

Ideal for managing small and important systems when there are no internal software developers available

Legacy System MigrationSD3

Ideal for supporting internal resources with small bespoke systems maintenance and enhancement

Data Lake DevelopmentSD4

Ideal for supporting internal resources with enterprise systems maintenance and assistance with project delivery

Service Features

Custom Software System Development

Operational Support Service

  • Critical rapid response systems support
  • Bespoke system feature development
Data Hub Development

System Monitoring

  • Daily system operational checks
  • Daily data quality checks
Data Warehouse Development

Strategic Consultation

  • Coding standards assessment and monitoring
  • Bespoke system testing review
  • Bespoke system security and disaster recovery
  • High level tech strategy and improvement plan
Legacy System Overhaul

Comprehensive Onboarding Process

  • Current-state system review
  • Documentation and standards check
  • System risk and scalability analysis
Bespoke Software Development

Extensive Bolt-Ons

  • Tailor the service to your requirements
  • Scalability for different business sizes and types of software
  • Real-time system monitoring and resource management
  • Specific vendor and application management

We can support your change from a high-risk IT function to a controlled software development utility. Find out more.

Software Development as a Service – SDaaS January 22, 2019