The Synetec team has decades of combined experience building robust and scalable software. Organisations work with Synetec to ensure that their operational systems provide a solid platform for their business functions as well ensuring that they are compliant in their market place.

Through 2016 and 2017 we have engaged with some of London’s most innovative and exciting Fintech companies in sectors ranging from payments to lending and foreign exchange. These businesses, and their investors, have aggressive growth plans linked to exciting and forward thinking business plans and product offerings that will put them ahead of the competition.

These clients have disrupted their markets by building bespoke software that is designed and built specifically to suit their operational requirements today and as they scale. In partnership, we have provided them technologies to automate processes and functions that their peers have yet to do.

One client engaged us to build, bespoke, an end to end back office loan management platform. A first in their industry they believe. An industry that is booming and will continue to grow for years to come, our client has put themselves in a great position to maximise their potential as the market scales.

Another client, in a congested and traditional financial market, worked with us to develop bespoke online capabilities, with a customised online portfolio offering for each customer. This has enabled automation of a number of tasks that improves the customer experience as well as streamline the company operationally. Again, putting them in a position to grow and scale, at pace.


A number of our new clients are having scalability issues in that CEO’s and CTO’s are finding it difficult to build and recruit technical teams quick enough in order to deliver projects that can spin up without much warning due to high product demand. They have found it helpful to pass off some delivery of ‘back office’ software delivery and management in order to focus their in-house time and effort on product, UI/UX and customer acquisition.

We have also been asked to engage with our first innovation hub, providing support and guidance around innovation in the legal sector and the challenges faced around change management and the implementation of new technologies and working practices. Legaltech is a huge growth market and is seeing the sort of disruption and product innovation that the financial service industry has already seen with the emergence of the Fintech market place.

We have created a formalised consultancy engagement to assist high growth companies to map out potential pinch points in their software delivery process and help to identify processes that can be automated. Our Growth Accelerator Program will also provide an outline of what bespoke software and applications could be used by businesses to support their high growth plans.

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