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The organisation wanted to use the valuable information stored within Microsoft Exchange to help the sales team service their existing customers and develop new business. There was significant advantage to be gained by accessing email, calendar and contact information stored within Exchange and have it available to the appropriate team members in the right context.


• The business had significant information available within Exchange such as emails that had been sent to or received from the client, appointments with client contacts and specific contact information and this information was only available through Outlook which made it time consuming to locate, if at all possible.

• This Exchange based information needed to be reviewed in conjunction with the data stored in the client account management system, looking at all related information in one place made it far more powerful and effective.

• The data needed to be near real-time without affecting the performance of Exchange, which had a significant amount of data.


• The data from Exchange needed to be enriched with all available related information.

• All relevant information pertaining to the client and all of their employees needed to be accessible from within 1 screen.

• The information needed to be available near real-time.

• The performance of the Exchange server needed to be unaffected.

• Configurable rules should be applied to ensure that only relevant information was available and that confidential and unrelated information was excluded.


This broker partnered with Synetec in order to deliver functionality to enrich and make available information that has improved the performance of their sales team. The data from Exchange was accessed through the Exchange Web Services API and cross-referenced with the data available in other internal systems allowing enrichment of the data by building a relational model of the data.

Not only could the sales person view all relevant emails from and appointments with the client contact, but they could do so while also viewing their trade history, personal information, call information and company related information.


This system allowed the valuable data that was locked in Exchange to contribute to the success of the business as a whole. Initial indications are that sales have improved by more than 5% on the same period last year with the sales team attributing a portion of that increase to this system and the additional information at their fingertips.






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