Cloud Consultancy

Cloud strategy can be integral to your overall business strategy, which means many companies are looking for cloud consultancyDepending on what you’re doing, and how, cloud computing can save resources, improve performance, and even boost security and compliance.

You need to know what you’re trying to achieve before you set your strategy. There are no instant wins for those who don’t know what tools are right for them.

Utilising the cloud is no longer an option but an essential step in your journey to digital enablement. Our market research shows that most companies have already migrated some software, with an unsatisfying outcome in terms of cost and performance.

The good news is that you can still correct past mistakes and start getting the return you deserve.

Synetec Cloud Services

  • System Migration
  • Refactoring for Cloud Native
  • Environment Assessment
  • Hosting Service
  • Modernising from SQL Server On-Premise to Azure SQL

The cloud platforms we specialise in are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.


Business-Driven Innovation

You need to be clear on what the expectations are when choosing or reassessing your strategy. Cloud consultancy ensures you make the decisions that are right for you, as every business case is different.

Questions to ask when planning a cloud strategy:

  • What are you planning to run on the cloud? How many applications, how much data?
  • If you’re migrating, how fast does the migration need to happen? Do you have a deadline to get out of a data centre or are you flexible?
  • Are you aiming to lower costs? By how much?
  • What skills exist in your team? This has an impact as to which cloud strategy is best, as some options require a cloud-native skill set, and others don’t.

If you need to transform the way you host, build, and support your software, contact us today.

Cloud Consultancy February 8, 2021