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We thought it was time for a Face-lift….and maybe some Botox …and a make-up update…. and have recently unveiled the more polished Synetec website. We feel it more accurately represents us as a company – energetic and innovative. Most importantly, we hope it conveys our fundamental values of delivery and customer service.

Our key offering has always been Transformation through Technology and while clients and industries vary greatly, we are passionate about helping our clients maintain their edge through innovative systems that will distinguish them from the competition.

Alongside working towards becoming a certified AWS solution provider and offering the certification to all of our developers, we now also host the new website on AWS, benefiting from a flexible, scalable and low-cost hosting solution.

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Disrupt to Dominate

Synetec Services

Technology, specifically software – how robust it is, how innovative it is and how quickly you get it to market – will make or break your business. Gone are the days of building business infrastructure and systems on the cheapest outsourcing contract available or the ability to amortise tech assets over 5 years and then building a workforce to provide professional services based offering, such as banking or insurance, to clients.

Businesses that dominate their markets in the modern VUCA world are the ones that can embrace change and embrace operating as a ‘software first’ business, enabling them to innovate beyond the levels of their peers.

Over 50% of the fortune 500 companies from the year 2000 no longer feature in that list, because they were not able to change in line with market conditions.

Business leaders must think innovatively to create a point of differentiation between their business and the competition. Funders and customers alike will no longer tolerate vanilla businesses being built on ‘off the shelf’ technology from huge conglomerates, with their only differentiation being their corporate branding.

In the not too distant past, many businesses looked the same under the bonnet and their differentiation was their corporate messaging, their ability to execute and be customer-centric. Historically, the focus of IT was to deliver predictability, low risk and low reward; modern businesses need to thrive in volatility, embrace speed, be agile and inclusive in how they operate at all levels of the business.

The focus of business leaders needs to be on predicting and creating the future by taking risks, as well as executing the company strategy and achieving the goals that have been set and agreed with funders and shareholders to ensure that they capitalise on market opportunities. This will involve a lot of soul searching, gut instinct and ability to lead and corral your numerous stakeholders to believe in your vision. Amazon are the modern epitome of this, going from book seller to leading cloud computing provider in under 2 decades.

Far too often young businesses, and old for that matter, find that the biggest roadblock to delivering innovative software fast enough is that they cannot recruit into their already overburdened IT teams quickly enough. Nor can they afford to add head count when an idea or new market is only a prediction and a concept.

Synetec has a history of working with scaling businesses, and the VCs that fund them, in order to help them confront the unknown and move forward. Ultimately enabling them to accelerate product development by taking ownership of the creation of tailor made operational software allowing them to focus on their product and capitalise on the opportunity they have worked so hard to forge.

Synetec’s ‘disrupt to dominate’ Growth Transformation service is designed to assist business leaders to navigate the chaos in order to invent the future.

Training On Up


Well done to our recent graduates of the AWS training.

Why AWS?

  • It’s Easy to Use
  • Flexible
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable
  • Scalable and High Performance
  • Secure


Who is in training?

We are currently getting training and certification for all developers in order to provide relevant and in-demand services to our clients and Synetec are now in the process of getting our AWS Solution Provider status. The most recent Synetec team members to complete their certification include the enthusiastic team above. Well done Nabeela, Shruti, Constantin and Ravi.

How AWS could benefit your business?

Hundreds of thousands of customers have joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) community and use AWS solutions to build their businesses. The AWS cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to build your application, your way, regardless of your use case or industry.

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