A Time-Sensitive Challenge for the Leading Litigation Funding Firm

As usual, we were poised ready to put our technical skills and business nous to good use. Our client was unhappy with their system, which didn’t have all the functionality working as intended so it was gathering dust. A glacial pace was another problem, with slow turnaround times for delivering new features – and a buggy system to top it all off. This meant the worst of both worlds – being stuck relying on manual processes and having to input data into a system that wasn’t even being used. Essentially, an incomplete system sent us into overdrive to fully understand this business so we could judge exactly what needed to change. We knew we couldn’t rest until the job was done, so we quickly got to work.

  • They needed someone to fully understand their business, why the system existed, and what business processes it was meant to drive, then fix the errors, remove the blockers and get it working fast.
  • They needed the right team of developers with the best technical skills who could identify and deliver the specific components required to get the system working quickly and support their unique processes.
Bespoke Software Development

Our Business-Changing Solution

There was a functioning but unusable system built to manage loans but unable to actually do it. We needed to get it working quickly to enable them to operate and then focus on the next priority – innovation.

We spent focused time understanding the intricacies of their business and what the system needed to do. Then we were able to modify their software so they could finally use it for its intended purpose. We also worked on making the system more user-centric, delivering new features to bring it up to a top standard.

Alongside our quick and methodical approach, we restructured the database and made sure the same problems wouldn’t happen again. We put best practices in place so that we could future-proof the platform for further innovation.

The Results

A swift and smooth project like this is all down to a shared understanding of the challenges and a great partnership. Though the client knew what outcomes they required, they depended on Synetec to provide them with the correct solution, and we did just that.

We worked closely with them and spent time in their office to truly understand their needs, providing them with suggestions for the best way forward. This was a gear change from their previous developers, where they felt they weren’t involved enough to keep the project on course.

As we drove the project forward, we were always right by the client’s side – and this was crucial to how quickly we could work. We took the client on the development journey with us, which allowed us to develop at speed. The rapid feedback helped refine their requirements, meaning we could provide the best service possible.

The client is now happy that their initial vision has been delivered and their system finally supports their business processes. Users are engaged to start using it to its full potential – boosting productivity and delivering far more value than before: a lightning turnaround.

Now we can get on with the exciting job of delivering more features and enhancements at the same pace to power their competitive edge.

Do you have a system that’s not pulling its weight? Need help turning it into a valuable business enabler? Talk to us about our bespoke software services.