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How to plan software for digital transformation

How to Plan New Software?

A recent survey suggests that COVID-19 has sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years. However, before you rush to bring in a new wave of talent, technologies and processes to support your digital transformatio...

Come to Our Christmas Party

Most of us are double-vaccinated by now, and we can’t wait for our Christmas party to come around again. Come meet Synetec key figures, as well as many of our customers. You also get to enjoy the best London has to offer at the exclusive ...

Invisible Pipeline

Unlock Your Invisible Sales Pipeline

The pandemic has changed buying habits for good, with B2B customers now engaging more online and through self-service channels before approaching a supplier. The Invisible Pipeline is the concept that there is a sales pipeline out there...

AI is not the death of sales

AI Is Not the Death of the Sales Team

Business automation is an exciting but often controversial topic, and during a time when a pandemic has put digital transformation at the forefront of conversation, decision-makers are increasingly asking how they can utilise technology to ...

Street dog Moss

Sponsoring a New Life for Disabled Dog

Living at MoonAcre Sanctuary disabled dog Moss has been waiting life-changing surgery, which was put on hold due to a lack of funds resulting from the pandemic. With Synetec sponsorship, Moss is now about to have his surgery....

Ping Pong with the Team

Last week saw us getting together at Bounce Ping Pong for some entertainment and snacks to celebrate the successes of the last year. Customer satisfaction has remained stellar, which is testament to the skills of our Product Owners and deve...

Bespoke application support

Top Tips for Improving Legacy Software

When there are plenty of options for system enhancements, how do you know where to start when considering improvements? Let us take you through the most important points to tackle when improving existing software, whether it's an inte...

Software Development Trends

Enterprise Software Trends in 2021

We bring you a roundup of 11 trends prominent in the world of enterprise tech right now. Some have been relevant for a while, and continue to increase in importance, while others are newcomers. Looking at trends can help you find new opport...

Welcoming 6 New Starters

Welcoming 6 New Starters

August has been a busy month with plenty of new projects starting. We're welcoming 6 new starters just this month to add capacity to our technical team. While we’ve continued to expand the team through the pandemic, this is our biggest hi...

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