Expert Angular Developers

Angular is a powerful, modern, open source JavaScript web-development framework. Originally developed by Google, Angular is used to develop feature-rich, robust User Interfaces for the Web.

For modern web applications that must be accessible to all devices from desktop to mobile, Angular is a top choice. It is possible to develop fully functional user interfaces that work across all devices. No longer do you need to develop a separate “mobile site”. We are expert Angular developers based in London.

Angular software development by Synetec

Some advantages of Angular:

  • Robust, industry-tested technology – read more
  • Highly testable using tools such as Jasmine and Karma
  • Distributes much of the application processing to the client web-browser, reducing server side processing requirements and therefore hosting costs.
  • Adopted by Microsoft and Google.

At Synetec, we use Angular as part of our bespoke application development technology stack when a feature-rich UI is a top priority. Used in conjunction with a Domain-Driven microservice back-end architecture, we use Angular to build highly scalable, high-performance web applications.

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Angular Software Developers London April 30, 2019