Actionable Insights & Audience Definition

Grow your revenue using the power of Data Science

Capitalise on previously unavailable indicators inherent in your data, which you are currently unaware of, to look for client behavioural predictors to trigger actions that help your business to grow. For example, know when there is an increase in the statistical likelihood a client is about to be lost and utilise automated actions for your team so you have a better chance of retaining them.

In order to prove that the service is the right fit for your organisation we offer a straightforward engagement model that gets you initial results quickly without any long term commitment, giving you the opportunity to walk away at any stage.

You only commit to a phase at a time and this approach provides the additional flexibility to refine your requirements over time.

“One of the biggest predictors for client revenue, wasn’t volume or frequency of trading, it was number of currencies traded and it wasn’t as simple as the more currencies the more profitable. The most profitable clients tended to trade four distinct currencies.” – Carl Jani, CEO, Argentex PLC

Service Features



  • Prove it works in 6 weeks
  • Deploy a subset of the modules to prove results for your organisation to get your key revenue based staff focussing on the most impactful activities
  • Present back to you senior management team to use outputs and benefits from the initial Data-led Actionable Insights

Service Design & On-Boarding

  • Review & refine requirements and set-up on going data feeds
  • Build and roll out all required modules to fully integrate with your systems to make the service easily accessible to all staff
  • Train staff to maximise your ROI

Managed Service

  • Ongoing service access and managed service desk providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support
  • Ability to successfully grow by focussing your revenue generating staff on the most impactful activities
  • Continual service improvement, including change management with access to development and data science resource for module refinement and additional
    intelligence gathering

Drive Business Outcomes from your Data in just 6 Weeks

  • Real time analytics to strategically direct your revenue generating staff to focus on the most impactful activities
  • Automated actionable insights that can integrate into your existing systems
  • Quick and easy to start with 5 pre-defined modules
  • Structured three step process from Proof of Concept to Managed Service
  • Cloud based serverless architecture available via API’s
  • Bespoke reporting and Data-led Actionable Insights available on request
  • Flexibility to refine your requirements over time
  • Secure service delivered from an FCA approved

Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about The Synetec Way and our Actionable Insights and Audience Definition service.

Actionable Insights and Audience Definition April 17, 2020