Agile Coaching

Speed up Delivery with Agile Coaching

“Agile is something you are, not something you do.”

Our tested and proven Agile Coaching Service transforms sluggish development teams into high achievers. The outcome for the business is to ensure timely and successful delivery of projects.

Adopting Agile Scrum practices is an active choice that must be made and supported from the business at a top-level. The methodology requires full buy-in from the entire team, and they have to be fostered as a group through the transformation process.

Over the past few years, Agile methodologies have been adopted by organisations to streamline how they develop and test their software applications.

According to McKinsey & Company: “Banks that apply Agile methodologies to less than a quarter of their projects deliver 70% of projects on budget and 55% on time. In contrast, banks that use Agile in more than half of their projects deliver 96% of projects on budget and 79% on time.”

Adopting Agile is a challenge as it forces organisations to take a new approach to processes and ways of communication. The right adoption strategy needs to be in place from the outset or the transformation, and therefore the agile projects, won’t be successful.

Benefits of Agile

  • Greater team engagement and collaboration
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in up-front costs
  • Reduced customer risk
  • Reduced cost of change
  • Collaborative Approach
  • Applications that evolve with the business
  • Building trust

Synetec Agile Services

It takes time to build a habit, so the Synetec Agile Adoption Strategy is designed to help make the habits stick. This is not a one day workshop, but a holistic strategy to make sure your Agile adoption continues to mature with your company.

Our coaching is also useful to anyone who has made an attempt at adopting agile but hasn’t seen the benefits or have been met with resistance to change. Don’t worry, not everyone can be a transformation expert. That’s what we’re for.

How Does Agile Coaching Work?

The service is delivered via a range of onsite and remote workshops, activities, training sessions and on-boarding sessions. It’s structured to be available in bite-sized chunks, meaning it easily fits around your ongoing projects.

If you need to transform the way you plan, build, and support your bespoke software applications, contact us today.

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Agile Coaching Service April 9, 2020