Tech-Cycle: Helping young learners

Synetec donates desktops to young learners in Guildford Following a recent migration to laptops to compliment our COVID-19- remote working lifestyle, we found ourselves with several desktops, in perfectly good working order, without a use in our Synetec Office. Holy Trinity School expressed a shortage of IT equipment, in particular to support a more COVID-19 Secure learning environment offering more

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Virtual Roundtable: Employee Wellbeing in a Pandemic

Synetec roundtable

Virtual Roundtable: Employee Wellbeing in a Pandemic Over the second half of last year, while the pandemic was in full force and uncertainty surrounded the working world, Synetec ran a series of virtual round table events to bring together leading executive suite professionals to discuss topical issues, share the challenges they’ve faced and the solutions that have worked in their companies. With lockdowns, hybrid working and flexible furlough coming into play for businesses last year, our most recent roundtable

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