Azure Contractor

Filled: September 2020 Overview We are hiring for a Senior Azure Developer to join one of our new and exciting projects. As a Senior Azure Developer you will be building maintaining and innovating our clients product, integral to the clients core business. We are looking for an experienced developer who has excellent capabiltiies with Azure, but also an individual who

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How We Enabled IT Transformation for a Government Supplier

TerraQuest Solutions have been delivering the Planning Portal for England and Wales in partnership with a government agency since 2016. We helped guide them through a business transformation programme, expanding their internal software development capability to tackle an increased workload while adopting agile practices to keep up with the demands of their customers. TerraQuest are a specialist land referencing business

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How to Perform a Project Rescue Operation

Software Development Consultancy

By Lisa Venter, Head of Delivery Our largest project, looks like it is failing, what do we do? There are many reasons major projects may need to be rescued, ranging from non-delivery of features, features not meeting the expected functional delivery, delays, increased costs, and stakeholder disengagement, to name a few.  Whatever the reason may be it is important to

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